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Let’s face it…conquest sales are the lifeblood of any dealership that wants to thrive – especially during this unpredictable time. 

Your challenge?

Finding a risk-free, Home-Run selling system that identifies prospects you don’t have a current relationship with and presents them with compelling offers that gets them to buy.

Going back to the well of existing customers and referrals can only take you so far. 


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To grab the attention of unique prospects – people you have not been able to reach successfully – you need an approach that elbows its way through all the “advertising” noise they are being bombarded with so you can grab their attention.

Thats where we can help.

Our Guaranteed Cars Sold Program gives you everything you need to create true market growth – without any risk or guesswork.   

We’ve specialized in generating conquest sales for over 23 years.                                              

Okay, so what makes this program a no-brainer?                                                       

100% NEW CUSTOMERS – True market share growth. Every dollar generated from this program is from NEW CUSTOMERS with whom you have no current relationship.              

100% CO-OP COMPLIANT – Pinnacle Direct will get your ads/copy Co-op APPROVED for you to sign off on prior to all deployments. note: A couple of manufacturers will require you submit the ad to them for approval but we will do all of the creation and editing on your behalf

100% GUARANTEED SALES OR YOUR MONEY BACK  Based on what we mutually agree as the guaranteed number of units sold, we will refund your money for any units that fall short of that agreed upon number. Bottom line? IF YOU DON’T SELL IT, YOU DON’T PAY FOR IT. Period.

100% CONTROL – You get to say which sales count towards the final guaranteed number. YOU ARE IN COMPLETE CONTROL OF THE ENTIRE PROGRAM.

Conquest Sales. NO RISK. Guaranteed!

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What Our Customers Say:

“After looking month after month at a year over year decline on our website traffic while continuing to increase spending, we decided to give Pinnacle Direct’s Guaranteed Cars Sold program a shot. Phil Calvert’s “outside the box” approach to marketing has been instrumental in driving traffic to our website and showroom floor this year. It didn’t hurt that Phil was willing to back it up with a legitimate guarantee. Since we started this program, I’ve seen over a 100% increase in unique visitors to our website with some of those months nearing a 300% increase. VDP views have increase proportionately as well. I would enthusiastically recommend Phil Calvert and Pinnacle Direct as part of your marketing equation to increase your sales and service business in your store. Feel free to contact me directly for a reference.” Matt Howell – General Manager, Brenham CJD

“Seven years ago we started using Pinnacle Direct Marketing and haven’t looked back since. The Guaranteed Cars Sold Program has been continually bringing us new web traffic month in and month out. We haven’t fallen short once. That is hard to find these days. On top of that, the mail programs have been some of the best we have ever used as well. The mail program has produced more sellable responders than any program, I personally, have ever used. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to stress about having leads for my sales teams next month.” Stephen Barnes, General Sales Manager, Ford Dealership

Twelve years ago I was trying to get my automotive company off the ground and I contacted 10 data providers and the only call I received back was from Phil Calvert. Phil was not concerned with the size of our company or the amount of the first order. His only concern was making our company a success by providing outstanding leads and service. That one phone call turned into a multi-million dollar business and without Phil’s insight and marketing genius it would have never been possible. Phil has the unique ability to jump into a project and see every facet to ensure the campaign is a success. He cares more and works harder than anybody in the industry. If you want to align yourself with somebody that can truly take your business to new levels then I highly recommend you give him a call. It’s been a true honor to know him as a friend and mentor over the years. Mike Kasik, CEO – K2 Marketing

I have worked with Phil and his team for almost 15 years at a couple different dealerships thru out the country. Phil truly cares about his clients and goes out of his way to make sure that they achieve the best results possible. I highly recommend Phil and his entire team. Sam Ayala – Team Kia of El Cajon