The Guaranteed Cars Sold Program

GuaranteedCarsSold Program-At-A-Glance

  • We create a campaign that mirrors Tier 2 OEM Current Advertising
  • We will make it 100% Co-op Compliant
  • CRM & DMS Suppressed So Your Campaign Is Presented to 100% New Prospects
  • Campaign Drives Qualified Conquest Prospects to Your Dealership Website
  • Between 100K – 300K emails are deployed twice per campaign
  • Facebook and Google Ads (including retargeting)
  • Mid and Post Campaign Reporting That Track New/Used car sales and New Service ROs

To get things started, simply fill in the event form, call us at 800-457-7333 or email us at



The 6-Step Guaranteed Car Sales Program

Step 1: You and your Pinnacle Direct representative discuss how and why the program will result in a guaranteed number of conquest sales for your dealership. We will establish your guarantee agreement.  

Step 2: Complete and send in your event form with six (6) vehicle offers and there (3) services offers.

Step 3: We cross reference your market with our proprietary database to identify all of the IN MARKET automotive opt-in email addresses with matching postal codes.

Step 4: Your custom campaign will be created based on the offers you identified in your event form where we ensure it is 100% Co-op compliant.

Step 5:  After you review the campaign presentation to give it your final approval, we will email the campaign and promote it simultaneously using Facebook, Google ads and retargeting.

Step 6: Once the campaign has been executed, the final conquest sales results will be determined. You will receive a detailed performance report.