Hi, I’m Phil. By a quick way of introduction, I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the past two decades-plus working with some of the most entrepreneurial people and companies in the automotive industry. 

Here’s a partial list of companies and amazing entrepreneurs I’ve worked with: 


Berkshire Hathaway


Larry H. Miller Auto Group

In my 23 years as a direct marketer, consultant and online entrepreneur, I’ve tried a lot of things. Sure during all that time, we have had some flops. But for the most part we’ve created a lot of home run campaigns and programs that have sold tens of thousands of cars for our clients.

To date though, without a doubt, our guaranteedcarssold.com marketing system is the biggest single revenue generator we’ve ever introduced to clients!

I’ll show you how to:

        Make more new customer conquest sales each month so you can expand your dealership’s market share, your overall units sold and gross profit. The reason we are all here.

       Leverage the power of targeted mass direct response marketing in a way you probably haven’t seen before. 

       Explode the sales results of your next new customer acquisition campaign.

      And overall….make conquest selling more enjoyable – and PROFITABLE!

I earned my “automobile marketing and sales” chops back in the 90s with Automotive Income Management (AIM) – the first company to send bank backed, credit bureau, pre-approved auto loan offers to people via direct mail. 

The excitement I felt from the camaraderie, the high energy environment of the car dealerships and the whole idea of results-based compensation hooked me! We were killing it and dealers were loving it.

But to create MY vision of direct marketing, I needed to call the shots. 

On March 1, 1997 Pinnacle Direct Marketing opened its doors with one single objective in mind:

“Help companies increase customers, sales, and profits by identifying a “perfect customer” criteria and then sending the matching relevant offers of products and services to those customers in the client’s community, whether that is local, regional or national.” 

When Pinnacle Direct started, we were solely a sub-prime shop doing pre-approved promotions just as I had learned. We were singularly focused. But dealers needed more than just great sub-prime direct marketing campaigns. So we expanded our offering and created new programs. 

Today, we have a diverse client base created by combining strategic and traditional marketing methods with technology based marketing services that gives our clients customer engagement using Omni-channel DIRECT contact mediums to make both timely and relevant offers to that audience. 

Once engaged, Pinnacle Direct offers different levels of lead management ranging from simple lead information capture to complete lead management and from inception to close.

If your dealership needs to get specific sales and service offers into the hands of a specific audience as well as manage the interaction – large or small – we know how to do it and, most importantly, we have the tools to deliver qualified prospects to your showroom floor.

To learn more…

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What about the rest of us..

Kimberly    Direct Mail Subprime Direct Mail Data Expert, BK campaign specialist.

In the office of Vice President of Sales for Pinnacle Direct, you will find Kimberly Calvert, very
talented in her field with over 20 years of experience in sales, most of it in automotive
marketing. Kimberly is responsible for 10’s of millions of dollars in sales for her clients and they
lover her or that. That fact, as impressive as this might appear (and it is!!!) to the outside
observer, to know Kimberly is to expect no less.
Kimberly was a stellar student taking a double major in both Chemistry and Biology at the
world renown, Kentucky University. She rose to the top as she would in all future endeavors.
The University president handpicked Kimberly as one of 12 students to become a presidential
ambassador. She was selected for this role, for both her stellar academic record, and her
magnetic personality, this important honor would become a harbinger of things to come.
Building on her stellar academic career, Kimberly joined InfoUSA as a national account
executive. First in her training class, Kimberly brought in over $200,000 in her first year. This
position is where she would develop her ability and keen instincts in data driven marketing.
This would lead her to Pinnacle Direct Marketing, which she joined in October 2002.
Never being satisfied to rest on her laurels, she started strong and built an unstoppable
momentum that has served her, Pinnacle, and most vitally, her clients through the years
becoming a preferred marketer with Fiat Chrysler Automotive, Lithia, Berkshire Hathaway,
amongst others tripling their sales. Kimberly is not just a winner for her clients, she is also a
winner at home with a natural talent for the domestic arts. Kimberly’s favorites include Modern
Dance, artisanal, soap making, and English knitting.

Amanda     Team and Campaign Support List Expert

Amanda is a Project manager who works with Pinnacle Direct Marketing’s top Sales Team whom regard
her as the gold standard in her field. She is unparalleled in her devotion to getting it right for the client
the first time. Amanda came to Pinnacle with an extensive pedigree of experience in rapid-paced,
results-motivated corporate culture, so it was no shock to her team or Clients when in her 1st quarter
she could create a year’s worth of deliverables.

Efficacy and precision are to Amanda what Apple Pie & the 4th of July are to Americans. Plus, if you are
lucky enough to catch Amanda at home, you will be greeted by the smell of a freshly baked apple pie, or
some homemade chocolate-chip-cookies; as she is a master baker.

Darla Lintel   Director of Operations


James        Musician, Music writer, Composer

Quentin Facebook and Social Media Campaign Expert